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Ethics, honesty, team work leadership by these values, orient plastic company (opc) launched business in the holy city of Jerusalem in the early 1958.

The great supports of Haj Abdul Maid Hussein Abdeen to his son and partners vision and enthusiasm established the business by introducing the plastic and rosaries to the market which later on distinguished them in the market.

The going great confidence towards their vision encouraged them to expand the business and enabled them to introduce a suit of plastic products in multiple production lines that cover all the basic needs for every house within a short period of time.

Specifically in the 60"s and 70"s Orient Plastic Company became a major exporter of plastic, so we increased the number of employees to 114 worker to meet our customers satisfaction, and to be able to export our products to the Levant and the gulf countries, especially Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Kuwait.

Few years in the early 70"s OPC expanded to open a new branch in Jordan. Engineer AbdulWahab hussies Abdeen became the president of the union for plastic industries after completed five years in Britain.

In 1987 ENG. Weal Hussein Abdeen joined he focused on maintaining the machines, in 1993 ENG. Nabil Hussein Abdeen joined as a production operator, in 2000 Mr. AbdulMajed Hussein Abdeen and Mr. Abdulwadud Hussein Abdeen, in 2004 ENG. Abdeen Abdulwahab Abdeen joined and in few years later he implemented the ISO, in 2018 ENG. Muhammad Nabil Hussein Abdeen joined as the industrial engineer also ENG. Khalid Nabil Hussein Abdeen joined as the production Engineer and ENG. Sameer Weal Hussein Abdeen joined to monitor all production lines as a quality engineer. ( After graduating from British and American universities as engineers and managers with the joining of the young efforts the vision and future plans of the management worked to improve and raise the efficiency of its products to comply with the needs of the domestic market and international market and became the plastic pioneer in the middle east by producing all kind of plastic such as…( Injection, Home tools, Home furniture, Blowing, PET, Center dram, Garden Hose, Film, Nylon, Hayden, PVC, Cellophane bags, All printing on bags, OPP with adhesive tape for packing, Stretch wrap (packaging), bubbles rolls.

The company traded in the plastic raw materials, dyes, machines, and plastic spare parts. They worked on developing the company's systems and consolidating modern industrial and commercial systems and laws and their diversification of products, and the company still exports to all countries of the world, including Arab, European and American countries. Through our 190 experienced employees, we are still progressing with prosperity and development with the hands of our competent employees .

To lead a vibrant and integrated and diversified activities in the field of plastic through providing superior products and service in the local and international markets .

To go beyond and above our customers expectations through providing remarkable , high quality products and services with moderate , and competitive prices that satisfy our customers need this is implemented by utilizing the latest technology ,machinery and representation of quality system that covers all the company's operation .

  1. To refine the technical and interpersonal capabilities of the human resources through developing continuous training programs
  2. To invest in research and development , integrate the innovation and the adaptation of advanced technologies that increases the production efficiency and maximize the profitability.
  3. To brand the company products in the local and international markets.
  4. to be an environment friendly organization.
  5. to serve the local community and contribute towards a better society.
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